Richard C.GRAND RAPIDS GYMNASTICS GRG the place to be.

Alondra G. Great coaches, my daughter loves GRG!!

Dawn K. GRG gives great technical instruction, so the students learn how to do gymnastic skills correctly. Plus the coaches are encouraging and patient

Lisa Nuyens Heyne GRG builds confidence and strength in our young men!

Tiffany Wagner They coach the whole person, taking into account personality, emotional strength and readiness, other events going on in the athlete’s life and do so with respect and passion for the sport.

Georgine Bello Simply because my daughter has been sooo happy there growing as a gymnast and as a person and that we have made friends. Love the coaches!

Sarah Shoemaker My daughter is interested in trying out gymnastics. This sounds like just the type of caring, family atmosphere we’re looking for in our first experience! Thanks for sharing GRG.

Susan Bartlett Skutt Because my kids are encouraged, respected, and challenged!

Lisa Hill Great instruction and caring staff. It’s obvious they are invested in helping kids grow!

Chrissy Heyne Because the coaches treat your kids like family- it’s so much more than gymnastics (even though GRG is the best at that!) Our son learns about hard work, respect, friendship, loyalty and so much more!  

Dawn Metternick Parker Fantastic coaches! My son loves coach Serena!

Miriam Flannigan Great friendly staff ?. My kids love open gym

Michele Bush Parker GRG is a Fabulous place for my entire family!!! We love everyone there and we feel the same love back! The gyms Moto is “Our Family vs. You Team” and GRG is one Big Family. We Love our GRG Family

Katie Parris What a great opportunity to bring aspiring gymnasts to see these incredible young ladies. I’d love the chance!

Kassie Foy They have created a safe, positive, and encouraging environment where kids are able to grow both mentally and physically.

Megan Robach My daughter was very shy at 3 yrs old and she was not ready for preschool. We placed her in gymnastics and started with coach Miranda. She worked so much with my daughter so she could finally let me go and do a class by herself without me. She then transferred to Coach Teri Schmuker and she just loved her . She helped her become so comfortable with herself and her abilities that she is now a firefly 

Susan Bartlett Skutt The coaches notice my kids’ little improvements and encourage them every step of the way!

Maribeth Thompson Vlasman GRG is the place to be for many reasons but my top 2 are Coach Teri Schmuker and the love and support they shown to the Puruleski family.

Holli Leegwater The GRG team cares deeply about the whole person and what is best for each gymnasts. It is very much a loving family that takes joy in everyone’s success.

Brittany Roberts We have never done lessons at GRG, hoping to soon though! We have done open gyms though and have been in attendance for the special olympics when it is hosted there! The facility is filled with so many fun pieces of equipment to challenge my daughter! Her favorite is the pit!

Kelly Haverkate Buth Great instruction at GRG. My daughter loves it!

Shannon Laux Richards All the great people!!!! Love my GRG family!

Jennifer Mick Laskey My daughter has been doing gymnastics since she was 18 months old and is now eleven! We have had the privilege of being a part of a couple different gyms, but nothing compares to GRG!! My daughter started at GRG this past summer and every day she practices… she cannot wait to get there!!! Her coach believes in her and is positive with her, all while making corrections and making her a better gymnast. Competitive gymnasts at GRG are still allowed to be kids also! We couldn’t ask for a better environment for our daughter to continue in competitive gymnastics. Thank GRG for allowing our daughter the opportunity to wear your colors and compete in your name!

Laura Hartman DeHaan We love GRG!!!

Cat Brainerd Excellent service at a great value!

Jocelyn Stronstad Bresnahan The coaches are awesome! They treat the kids like family, so it’s like a second home where they can learn and have fun.

Susan Bartlett Skutt My kids love GRG!

Laura McGilton Miss Teri!! She is so warm, encouraging, and challenges my daughter at each class! She had made our experience at GRG wonderful!!

Jennifer Thompson LaFlure Because it’s a friendly place for my family to be active!! My 8 year old is a competitive gymnast, my 5 year old boy LOVES his boy gymnast class, there is even a class for my 13 month old to be active and healthy!! Thanks GRG!!

Megan Adams We attended GRG and I loved how much the kids got to do. My daughter always had a variety of activities to do. The coaches were so thoughtful and kind to each of the kids. I am truly grateful for our experience. Coach Teri, Coach Katie, and Coach Serena you all are wonderful ladies and I commend you for what you do. My daughter had so much fun and you were the reason for that!

Melissa Hudson Schmidt The teams become like family. They build each other up and form great friendships.

Christy Roossien My daughter couldn’t wait to get back to GRG when we moved back from Atlanta!! The coaches and staff really care about your child – Nothing around compares?

Ellen Taub Competative gymnasts are trained in a loving family environment, with each gymnast’s special needs taken into account. Fun is prioritized over winning, but these girls still rock out at meets.

Kristin Henline The talent that the older girls have is inspiration for my younger daughter! ?

The coach for the party was amazing. She kept the kids busy and made the whole party run so smooth. I couldn’t have been happier on how the party turned out. Thank you for making Sophia’s day so special.

Birthday Parties

Great teachers and a wonderful vibe. Our girls have learned so much and now or boys want to do Ninjas!

Rachel M. | Parent

We have 2 boys in the competitive program and its been a great experience! They are learning so much more than gymnastics and we are thankful for the coaches and the opportunity.

Sarah G. | Parent

My girls love it, it’s very clean and the coaches are so nice. Highly recommended!


Great facility. My daughter enjoys the classes & the other creative events like Parents Night Out. The staff is enthusiastic, the facility is clean and maintained. They prioritize respect and kindness too. It’s a great atmosphere.

Liz K | Parent

My daughter has been going here for nearly a year now after moving from a different program and enjoys it here much more! She’s learned so much and can’t stop talking about it!

Recreational Parent