Our grade school program (1st Grade and up) is based on proper skill development and athletic development. Participants move through the program based on ability and skill progression, not necessarily by age. Classes will focus on tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars and vault techniques. Must demonstrate mastery of the skills and progressions to move from one class to the next.

  • GymStars 1 – 55 minute class | Cost: $93/mo
  • GymStars 2 – 1hr 25 min class | Cost: $124/mo
  • GymStars 3 – 1hr 25 min class | Cost: $124/mo
  • GymStars 4- 1hr 55 min class | Cost: $134/mo
    Must demonstrate mastery of the skills and progressions in Gym Stars 1, 2,  and 3 before having the opportunity to join the GymStars 4 Program. Class time runs 1hr. 55 minutes.
  • TumbleStars – 1hr | $93/mo (For ages 7 years – 18 years Co-Ed)
    Proper tumbling instruction is highly beneficial for gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders. From the “backyard gymnast” to the intermediate tumbler this class is for you. Tumble on in to polish up your tumbling skills! Work on cartwheels, roundoffs, back handsprings, back walkovers, and more*! 

    *please understand that learning these skills takes time and practice! While we will absolutely end the day having learned something, please remember that skills take time to cultivate in order to be performed safely!
    $15/class. (For ages 7 years – 18 years Co-Ed)
    Come when you can. Time is Coach assisted not coach directed. For Both Boys and Girls. We will have a coach on site to help with proper progressions to learn the skills you want to achieve safely. 1hr | $15/ea class. Payment is due upon arrival. See schedule available on Event Calendar
  • Ninjanastics – 55 minute class | Cost: $93/mo
    Class set up for Homeschoolers but all are welcome. Ages 6-12 years. From Gymnastics to Ninjas have fun during your activity time at GRGymnastics. Each week our coach will teach your child not only gymnastics but how to be a ninja. Run through obstacle courses setup, master our ninja course and learn how to tumble using our gymnastics equipment.
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