Below is information and policies for private lessons that GRG coaches are required to follow and for parents to be aware of.

If after reading our policies you would like to schedule a private please click the link below. This will take you to our private calendar where you can choose and book your day and time.

(Please note, private lessons are NOT a guarantee and scheduled according to coach availability. Private lessons will be scheduled outside the hours of GRG Class time.)

REGISTER Privates with Coach Devin… Click Here

Direct connect with coach. Included in the calendly link is that coach’s personal cell phone number. If you need to cancel your lesson or get in touch with them for any other reason, please contact your coach directly.

In accordance with USAG Safe Sport, another adult beside the coach must be present during the lesson. If other activities are not happening in the gym, the parent must stay in the gym for the entire lesson.

Create an account at GRG. If you do not already have an account with GRG, please create a Parent Portal at Every gymnast must sign a waiver. This waiver is found on the main page of the website and in the parent portal online. Upon signing up for an account with GRG you are asked to sign our waiver. Through your portal you can also see your billing, manage your account, sign up for classes, etc. You can place a credit card on file for billing. Your card will be charged after the private lesson. 

Private lessons can be 30 or 60 minutes. Pricing is $75 an hour non-member and $60 an hour member. Two gymnasts may share a lesson time. Three gymnasts constitutes a class. Membership is $40 yearly for the entire family. Membership gives special pricing on private lessons, open gyms, birthday parties, etc. 

No Show/Tell:  Please inform your coach at least six hours in advance, if you need to cancel/reschedule. You will be charged the regular price for a no show/tell.

Private lessons must take place around class times. Classes are a priority, if a substitute coach is needed during your private lesson, you may be asked to reschedule. 

Gym time is only for the gymnast. Siblings are not allowed on equipment during the lesson

Gymnasts from other gym’s teams. GRG does not take on private lessons with gymnasts currently on other gym’s team.

Other events occurring simultaneously. During your lesson there may be other activities happening in the gym. Private lessons do not guarantee individual use of the entire gym space. Everyone present will coordinate to share needed space/equipment.

REGISTER Privates with Coach Devin… Click Here