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Preschool Gymnastics

Children learn to move and move to learn. Studies show that educational gymnastics accelerates and enhances the skills necessary for kindergarten and early elementary school. Our program develops gross motor skills, flexibility, agility, strength, coordination, balance and fine motor skills. Social skills such as listening, following directions, waiting for and taking turns, completing activities, rotation from one task to another and sharing further aid your child.

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GRG Babies (6mo-walking – GIRLS and BOYS)
How can a baby do gymnastics? Pre-crawlers and Pre-walkers can enjoy FUN tummy time, sensory exposure, and varying movements. Babies learn through PLAY. Come PLAY for FREE at GRG and help your child grow. Class runs for 45min – DOES NOT RUN in SUMMER. Sept-May only.

ParentTots (18mo-3yr.old – GIRLS and BOYS)
Parents and children will spend fun and quality time together.  The child will learn basic gymnastics skills such as climbing, rolling, swinging, jumping and balancing. They will also improve their listening skills and their ability to follow directions. This is a great way to get involved in a playgroup. Parent participation required.

TumbleBugs  (3-4yr old –  GIRLS and BOYS)
These children will experience all the fun of tumbling while learning how to share and take turns. This class is designed to help your younger develop a sense of physical fitness, coordination and self-esteem. Each child will be challenged

DragonFlies (4-6 yr old – BOYS ONLY)
BOYS ONLY. This class allows “boys to be boys”.
Boys will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with boy’s gymnastics. Concentrates on the men’s Olympic sports equipment, such as the rings,  pommel horse,  parallel bars, and high bar. They will run, jump, bounce, and tumble among many other things.

Mini Ninjas (3-5 yr old – GIRLS and BOYS)
Ninja mania is sweeping the nation and popular television shows like American Ninja Warrior have inspired children to participate in the fun and fitness.  Grand Rapids Gymnastics has partnered with Ninjas on the Move (NOTM) and are offering classes designed to teach your child how to move proficiently through obstacles using skills developed from gymnastics and parkour.  

In NOTM classes, your child will develop and improve. . . . .  
– Muscle and Bone Strength
– Foundations for Multi-Sports
– Agility, Flexibility, Coordination and Balance
– Mental Focus, Attention Span and Body Control  

This class teaches introductory ballet dance, creative movement, and tumbling skills. Children will spend half of the class focusing on dance positions and basic skills. The other half experiencing the fun of beginning tumbling. This class is designed to help your young mover develop a sense of physical fitness, coordination, and creativity.

KinderBugs (4-5 yr old – GIRLS and BOYS)
This class teaches basic gymnastic skills, body positions and terminology. This class has greater emphasis on physical challenges that build stronger bodies and sharper minds. Experiencing various gymnastic movements at a young age, the child becomes better prepared and more confident.

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