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Proper tumbling instruction is highly beneficial for cheerleader, dancers, and gymnasts. 

Perfect for the beginner tumbler to intermediate. For the beginner class includes safety instruction, proper positioning drills, rolls, handstands, cartwheels, backbends, strength building and TONS of fun.

The intermediate tumbler will focus to improve and fine tune the basics while beginning to learn the proper progressions of more difficult tumbling. We will introduce skills such as the back walkover, round off, and begin learning drills to safely do front flips and back handsprings.

From the “backyard gymnast” to the intermediate tumbler this class is for you. Class time runs 55 minutes and runs on Monday nights at 7pm. (Note: Summer schedule to be announced)

To see what class days and times are available, click the link below.

class schedule



Drop-in Tumbling Class – $10/ea. (Summer only)
No pre-registration necessary. Just show up, sign-in and enjoy a great class.
Self directed and coach assisted. Through August 31st.

Thursday |  11am-12pm
Wednesday |  6-7pm