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Proper tumbling instruction is highly beneficial for cheerleader, dancers, and gymnasts. 


TumbleStars 1
We focus on skills that help build strength and a solid foundation for tumbling success. We will work on handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, and proper tumbling body shapes. This class is perfect for cheerleaders, dancers, or those interested in improving their tumbling but have little to no experience. (55 mins)

TumbleStars 2
Intermediate to advanced tumblers will use proper progression, strength conditioning and technique drills to perfect tumbling skills such as round offs, handsprings, aerials, back tucks, layouts, and fulls. Tumblers must have back walkover and back handspring with a spot. (1hr 25 mins)

Pep Rally
At GRG we love our cheerleaders. Pep Rally is a class that will help middle and high school sideline and competitive cheerleaders improve all things cheer. This class will devote an equal amount of time to four areas of cheer; strength conditioning, flexibility, jumps, and tumbling. 12-18 years old. (1hr 55 mins)

To see what class days and times are available, click the link below.

class schedule



Drop-in Tumbling Class – $10/ea.
No pre-registration necessary. Just show up, sign-in and enjoy a great class.
Self directed and coach assisted. Through August 31st.

Fall Schedule TBD